Get to know us

We’re AlfaDigital.
Alfacam South Africa’s younger, cooler sibling.

If you haven’t met our sibling company, Alfacam South Africa is behind some of the best moments to hit screens (The FIFA World Cup South Africa, IDOLS, The Voice, MTV Africa Music Awards, you get the picture.)

As the world began to change and content creation became even more exciting, AlfaDigital did what any good sibling would do—we took the remote and changed the channel. Our focus? The digitalscape, where every business today is a contestant.

Uniting Alfacam’s world-class video and content creation superpowers with our digital marketing finesse, we’ve created a hive of videographers, creatives, web designers and digital marketers all in one place. No more calling one agency for video, another for brand work and another for social media management.

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So, who are we?

We’re a multi-faced creative digital marketing agency.

Beyond the technical jargon, we’re really the Avengers of Digital and Video Performance Marketing, uniting different creative superpowers to help businesses live their best digital lives.